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Hello everyone once again! I missed you guys a lot so without any further delay, I would probably display all the looks and highlights of the MET GALA 2021.

………..^. ^………..

So , Met Gala is an annual fundraiser or annual fashion exhibit organised by Vogue in New York City. Here, all the celebrities , businessmen,etc, and many more popular individuals attend this event along with a twist. Each and every celebrity costumes will look much more different than normal party wear dresses. In Met Gala, everyone wears a unique costume designed by many prestigious fashion designers across the world. So in short you can say that it is just as similar as a ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ but in a more prestigious way !!!

Some celebrity Met Gala looks°

Gown by Givenchy(Reuters)

Our first celebrity look is by Kendall Jenner (world’s highest paid model). So she wore a see through gown embellished with shiny elegant rhinestones. It was inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s dress in My Fair Lady.In this gown , she looked absolutely stunning and very elegant and I think that it was a right choice for wearing in this event.

Gown by Balenciaga

Here comes the next look by one and only Kim Kardashian. She is a popular American sociallite and a model. In the met , she wore a stark black Balenciaga haute couture gown with matching black mask that covered her face . I would love to say that she totally representated feminism by wearing this gown very well.

Dress by  Anthony Vaccarello

Firstly I have to say that our famous k-pop girl (from BLACKPINK) made her visit successfully to the Met Gala for the very first time!!! Rosé , as a brand ambassador of Saint Laurent, dressed in one of Anthony Vaccarello’s slinky LBDs on the carpet. Also she was accessorized with a sparkly designer choker with stones.She was looking totally gorgeous in her first ever Met look.

Dress by Oscar de la Renta

Billie Eilish’s Oscar de la Renta dress bewildered everyone in the Met. Even when I first saw her wearing this dress, I was really stunned by how she worked on her and changed everyone’s view. We usually see her wearing oversized tees and pants or any other casual style but on this elegant dress I never imagined her . But she truly looked magnificent on this nude tulle gown.

Gown by Prada

This supermodel absolutely stunned the Met with her redhead beauty. Gigi wore a strapless, high slit Prada gown and leather arm gloves. Even after being a ‘mom’ she didn’t lose her confidence and her beauty. Her makeup was simple and beautiful as she was wearing smoky eyes, rose pink blush and a nude pink pout.

So these were some of the popular and my favourite looks from the Met Gala 2021 event. I hope everyone including you guys liked the looks too!!! I apologise as I couldn't discuss or show other looks but I will leave  some pics of other celeb looks .

That’s all for today ………

Take care , bye!!!

~Anubha Saha


Hello! Once again~

I really missed you all so much as it has been over a month that I didn’t post anything on my website. I was really downhearted as I couldn’t post anything for you guys but I was really exhausted with my school work for I was not able to write blogs. Anyways,this things will keep happening until and unless I pass out from school ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ.

So today basically i will be just announcing few things regarding my blogging and all. I hope you all will conjoin with me and I too hope that I can present new interesting to you guys.

• New topics related to fashion/glamour/designs/

• more precised blogs- (no lengthy discussions)

• New media related stuffs

• blogs will be posted only once/twice a week

• suggestions for new topics/popular topics (fashion related) will be highly appreciated ; either leave a comment regarding this or ping me in my gmail account (


This time I will be writing reaction blogs just like we watch reaction videos on social media!

So I thought of writing reaction blogs on Met Gala 2021 that was held few days back. I will try to present all your favourite celebrity styles or outfits of the event in my blog and ya I would like to see your reactions too in the comment section :^) so stay tuned!!

The biggest announcement

I don’t know from where to start as I’m very excited for this announcement … Recently I just had an idea of writing blogs on reviews like those in book review blogs…but I will be writing on drama reviews(mostly Kdramas as I’m pretty much connected to it) for it can help you guys in exploring new things . I really don’t know whether it will be a good idea or not…but I still want to give it a try once and experience how does it feel writing reviews.

Actually I wanted to do this from a very long time but I wasn’t sure on what topic I should do…as I don’t even read books( god I fall asleep while reading any book ) this isn’t a good thing but books are not meant for me =_=

Anyways, for now I dont have any more announcement to do…. But I will let you guys know the release date of my new web afterwards or in between my upcoming blogs. So till then enjoy your lives and try to live happily!💜

~ Anubha Saha



So 15th August is a very important and special day for each and every Indians in this whole world. Yes, it’s the day when we all got the independence or freedom to live as Indians and with our own rules. So I wish a very ‘HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY’🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 to all my Indian viewers and friends. We often forget the real meaning of independence as we all are busy with our own life and work . And it’s a normal thing. But sometimes we need to remind ourselves and ask ourselves about our own freedom- Are we really free??? To be honest, No. We aren’t fully free as we need to obey some rules and regulations in order to safeguard our own freedom. Freedom varies from person to person, work to work, character to character and vice versa. I hope you all are able to understand what I wanted to convey i.e, though we are not fully free, but we can enjoy what we want cause it has to be within the limits.

So I prepared an independence day special short video. I really wanted to make this so badly because I thought it would be nice to remember what we Indian’s have achieved so far. Anyways just enjoy the video. 乁 ˘ o ˘ ㄏ

India has 28 different states and 8 territories (present day) along with 16 unique traditions and customs. Also people here speak 22 different types of language!! Isn’t it crazy??? Yes , it is. So, we also have many different kinds of dresscode all over the India. But the traditional dresscode of India is Saree for women and Dhoti for men. But how did we make it???? Well, I didn’t make atleast but all the brave freedom fighters and protesters did establish our tradition and culture. They fought for thousands of years just to earn the freedom of millions of other Indian’s and also the freedom of India. I guess this is the reason why we need to preserve our culture, our tradition and raise our country well.

Okay, so today’s topic is all about Indian Ethnics. So below one fabric map of India is visualised…..

Here we can see different traditional fabrics from different places of India. This map is really very unique and I think this gives us a lot of information about our own cultures.

I was really amazed by seeing this map for the first time as some of the fabrics and their origins I knew were wrong and they were originally from somewhere else where I didn’t expect them to be. So sometimes we may not know each and every thing about our own customs, but we can definitely learn about them someday .

Independence or freedom is not only for our rights and our country. It’s also states the freedom of fashion and styling. We often find that we should not judge anyone by their outer appearance. Yes I too agree. Don’t use fashion for discriminating anyone. But one wrong concept that our society had adapted a long time ago is that our dressing style doesn’t matter at all. If this concept is really logical then I think there is no need of wearing school uniform in school. Instead we could easily wear casual clothes or pajama set that we wear at our homes. Now it’s upto you what this concept means to you and how would you prove this concept the logical one, if you believe it. For me it’s our own conscience which always guides us in every aspects of our life, not this stereotypical concepts.

I hope we can build ourselves more beautifully and smartly so that no one can harm us in any way. Once again HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.


Fashion Writing


I am totally speechless 😁🥳!!!It’s all because of you guys….that I could reach 1k views….You guys are really a gift to me as without you guys i wouldn’t have written so many blogs and my website wouldn’t have reached 1k views. So I thank you all for being with me till now and I wish I can get much more love and views.😃

So the topic of today’s blog is quite interesting as I guess it’s something that many of us like to talk about!!!


K-pop is something that I guess many of us love to know about. And yaa I’m a KPoP fan too!!! Actually I’m both a Blink 💖🖤 and an ARMY💜…So k-pop really influenced me a lot in every aspects of my life….

The influence of k-pop on fashion is very huge…it is completely a different style and everyone dresses up in a different manner…but whatever they wear looks casual and chic everytime….it contains less blink and makeover as it mainly focuses on creating a cozy style. The styles look good on everyone no matter they are children/young aged/old aged people. It’s quite interesting to dress in a KPoP style.

TIP: If you ever visit South Korea, then you have to follow some dressing rules (mainly girls).

Here ,we can see some of the outfits worn by some kpop idols….I think BTS outfits are very stunning and funky…they always create a theme out of their outfits and yaa we all like it very much!!!? THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT SENSE OF FASHION (ACCORDING TO ME) because even if the theme is same for all, each of them look very unique and different from each other…so I think their consistency is very good乁| ・ 〰 ・ |ㄏ.

BLACKPINK : Coachella outfit

They were truly looking insane! It’s the best look of Blackpink for me till now. I really appreciate how they worked together to stand out those outfits…the charms in the outfit gave it a 100% dazzling look. Their outfits were ornamented with shiny silver and gold beads and other decors.But I have to say that Lisa carried her outfit the most beautifully. And I loved her outfit the most(although she is my bias<( ̄︶ ̄)>). Anyways , their outfits were very fashionable and designable.

Source: BeKorean

These are some common casual looks inspired by k-pop. Korean trend mainly focuses on simplicity and coziness rather than fancy or over the top styles . As Koreans need to maintain a good appearance whenever they will be going for work or any formal places . Over-sized coats ( depending on the whether) and jackets are a must for daily workers and over-sized tees/pants/trousers/jackets are perfect for the youths. So prepare some over-sized outfits before leaving for Korea.





There will be many more events in the upcoming blogs and I hope you all will participate in it and will enjoy to your fullest!!!

Best of luck and let me know the results in the comment section below 👇👇👇👇

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My July “WRAP UP’s”

Hii everyone!!! It’s a pleasure to have all of yours attention and support for my website as I never expected that I would get so much of love and likes from you all….Anyway I’m really happy to have you all as my friends and I hope I can present more to you guys!!! And yaa I’m sorry that I couldn’t upload any blog since a week as I was little bit exhausted due to my work and studies of course 🥺…. So without any further mood change, I decided to upload one today… So let’s get started!!!

Today I would like to formulate about my July wrap up’s that is about my activities that I have done during this month🗓️….

All that I have done during July ——-

I made two new bracelets (actually I started making again after a long time) and I tried to make a bucket hat( hand sewed) with a little bit of ornamentation!

A Horizontal striped bracelet

Background : THE CASE BOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES [ for those who are book lovers o:-)]

To be honest this bracelet is very easy-peasy to make as you need to follow only few basic steps ….For this bracelet I took only 10 strands of thread ( 8 Crimson red and 2 beige strands) and I completed this with a pair of twisted endings ….I really liked it as it’s very simple with a little bit of casual touch…if you wanna try making this , u can follow the link for the tutorial given below_-_-_-_-_-_-_-


Let’s take a look to the next one👇

Mirrored Diamonds

It’s my latest bracelet in my collection…I just went mad after making this as I was lost in its beautiful pattern and gradient look….. Although it seems like a complicated pattern but I assure you that you it won’t be that hard if you know the basic chevron pattern and the normal diamond pattern.But I won’t suggest you all to make it at the very beginning as at first you have to learn the basic chevrons and other knots.

Here I took 8 strings( 4 Gradient shades of orange and 4 Gradient shades of Blue) and then doubled it while making …so it’s a total of 16 strings. And one thing I really have to appreciate is that I was able to make it in a neat and tidy way without any error.


My DIY Bucket Hat

I finally succeeded making this hat beautifully🥳 as I thought it might turn into a disaster after I complete making it !! Actually I am so much obsessed with k-pop these days , I was like ….I need this type of bucket hat just like my favourite k-pop idols….. believe me it really looks very 🆒 seeing them wearing those hats…so I thought of making on my own and yaa I successfully did it!!!! Wearing your own creation gives you a great feeling [for sure]. I added some embellishments on it for it won’t look plain or flat ….so I did some embroidery work – I hope you all can see that I did an ornamentation with my name … It’s not perfect though because it’s my second time doing embroidery…but anyways, it can be considered!!!! 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ

Apart of these , I also thought of making my own packaging envelopes (only for my future business, if possible :,-))..

It’s 100% eco-friendly as I made it with printed craft paper and in inside I pasted a yellow coloured paper. And for the finishing, I pasted a glitter paper strip to give it a more professional look lol. I don’t know when will I start selling my bracelets, but I would like to use this package. It’s easy to carry and pretty decent in look.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for the upcoming blogs and keep supporting me like this as it makes me really very happy 😊 to being able to present something new to you all.


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|The Basics|

Hola to all my pals!!! In today’s blog I would be discussing about the basics that one’s wardrobe should contain. I hope that it can help you all to upgrade your wardrobe or style…[if not 100% , atleast 1% (-_-;)・・]

So without delaying any further let’s get started//-


T-shirts are the simplest form of clothing or style that I hope all of you must be having 👀….But all of you may not have the basic type of T-shirts for our daily lives ( even I don’t have all the basics lol). According to my knowledge, T-shirts made up of pure cotton are the comfiest and the most durable ones. They can be worn anywhere you want (I even wear t-shirts at parties (≧▽≦). So let’s take a look at the basics-

Here we can see some wise and sovereign shades of T-shirts that actually works for our daily lives… But I think everyone should own atleast one White tee and one Black tee as this two colours goes with everything. Besides B/W tees you can have a baby pink or light shade of purple tee too if you wanna wear it for a picnic or a trip . And yaa we can never neglect dark colours of course…so in such case a navy shade is a must along with a sap green tee.

Then comes the structure/type of tee that is very essential…my first opinion would be a round neck t-shirt as it is the most proper style to me. And next it can be a V-neck tee as it gives a slight edgy look to your outfit. And the least essentials can be boat neck/halter/Polo/hood/boxy/etc.

One more thing there is a big gap between TOP and T-SHIRT. Tops are usually very designable and bold. Besides t shirts , basic tops are essential for your wardrobe. Tops are usually very cozy and fashionable as they vary from design to design.



Everyone loves jeans and it’s denim. Denim a very durable and stretchy fabric that can be used to make anything out of it. We love to wear pants made out of denim and everyone should have atleast a pair of jeans. I really like how jeans can be paired with anything that I wear or can be used to glam a casual look. Some commonly known jeans patterns are washed, patched,ripped/ torn,etc.

The basic jeans are – Blue (navy/light shade) jeans and black jeans. There are many more shades of jeans that you can add to your wardrobe but blue and black jeans are the basics. For extra, we can add a denim jacket to our wardrobe so that it can accessorize our outfit in a more casual look.

So get the perfect fitted jeans for yourself so that you can stand smart and cozy.

The Magic in SHOES

Finally to complete your outfit or wardrobe,it’s not necessary to wear different matching shoes with each of your outfit but it’s necessary to buy the best basics.


For casual styles it’s adorable to go with white sneakers or canvas shoes. It gives a smart and funky style to your wardrobe (for my case,I like to wear sneakers everywhere I go no matter what). But you can wish to wear something everywhere if it only goes with other things. For a party look you can have a pair of elegant chunky slippers or wedges or heels(not necessary). Heels is not mandatory for kids like me but if you are an adult then you can think of heels .

CAUTION:( Don’t buy atleast such bizarre heels which will both give you trouble and will cost more than your entire look, if you are not experienced enough).


It’s definitely the accessories that can add a charm to your daily wardrobe.

Get something bold and colourful such as a printed scarf, hairband, bandana, hairpins, scrunchies,caps/hats,etc.

Amazon WardrobeMyntra Studio

Let me know in the comment box , if you need any tip/tips regarding your wardrobe/style.(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

And stay tuned until the next blog. (~ ̄³ ̄)~


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║ MY 2MONTHs of Experience║

Once again, welcome to my blog✨… I hope you all are doing well and are staying fit and fine🍁. Well it’s already my 2nd month in the blogging field… And I am really happy to grow in a new way and to have such wonderful people/bloggers around me!!!

I never ever thought that I will do such sort of activity and grow in this medium… When suddenly one of my school teacher asked us to start blogging (as homework) and encouraged us to do it wholeheartedly. I just gave it a try but I never thought that I will continue it or I will spend time on it…8-) But the moment I started to create my blog, I thought that it would be fun to do this thing and it really created an excitement inside me! My teacher also said that people who do blogging have much more respect and admiration in the society. I was very touched with this saying and yaa I decided to continue it with all of my knowledge and excitement >.<

Anyway, I just wanted to share this short story behind my step towards blogging. But now comes the main part-


Views, likes, and more-

Woo! I never thought that my blogs are more big hits than me..^_^ I am glad to get all of your love and likes. And I will try to maintain this till the end and obviously I want to entertain you all by my blogs.

Views from all around the world 🌍

Even my blogs are quite known to people around the world more than me O_o. But I am still happy to get them known to different places.



It’s a 100% true fact that blogging wasn’t a part of my goal but my desire to try something new and achieve something different….Here, I learnt many new things from my fellow blog mates …I started to think differently with various dimensions about a certain topic as I was/am very inspired by various blogs that were about a same topic but the central idea was very different. So this can be a way to do good things over social media and inspire people with positive vibes!

I know that neither I nor my blogs are perfect…but I believe that with you guys I will learn to update myself and learn new techniques and skills…..So please keep supporting me and liking my blogs that way I would be encouraged and try to make things more efficiently 💙, as this journey is useless without you all… And yaa your support and love means a lot to me✨

Stay Tuned for the upcoming blogs 🤎

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Before starting about the star topic, let’s take a look at the history behind this!

From where did it all start?

The word ‘aztec’ was born along with the formation of the Aztec empire. The aztec empire was an alliance of three capital states- Mexico-Tenochtitlan, Texcoco and Tlacopan established in 1427. Today it’s basically a part of Mexico.

The Aztec empire was rich in cultural and regional customs and traditions. Though, Aztec empire no longer exists in a physical state but all it’s heritage and culture still exists among the people. Even today, millions of people speak the Aztec language and live in the USA. All the Aztec arts and crafts are still very popular among the people and is being protected by them.

So I hope you all are able to relate the formation of the Aztec patterns with the history.

The Aztec patterns are mainly denoted with the early deities,animals, direction of sun and moon, religious reasons,etc. They were used to symbolise or express any message. The Aztecs made use of various styles and patterns in order to form their artistic designs. They used many circular and rectangular shapes to make a pattern. Even they used many recurring geometric symbols which were mainly used to symbolise the religious god’s and deities.

But the developed aztec patterns are really very colourful and geometric. Now we focus on the formation of a beautiful pattern rather than denoting something religious particularly.


The picture given above is a beaded aztec bracelet. Here, various colourful beads are used to form a geometric pattern.I really liked it’s formation and the pattern (mainly). It can be worn with ethnic outfits or any other casual styles for an ethnic event.

Not all but the majority group which wear these type of pieces even in the present day are Mexicans and Native Americans. But yaa many people around the world too like to wear these ethnic pieces( including me ^_^).

Hand-made threaded Aztecs

Apart from beading, Aztec patterns can also be used as friendship bracelets. There are more than thousands of aztec patterns in the bracelet books according to the making level. They all are very fabulous patterns and designs. I am sure you all gonna like it to some extent.

It’s a very pretty and eye catching design. I personally like this pattern very much as we can see many things are happening in one place altogether. It expresses a story and the feel of the ancient times.

There are many more such patterns in the bracelet book…so if you all wanna search for it or make it then follow the links below 👇:

Bracelet bookAztec patterns

For more information and resources you can browse through YouTube or Google . And make sure if there is any query regarding anything (related to my blogs) , then leave your queries in the comment section below and I will try my best to resolve it :-).

– Anubha Saha

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Japan clashes the ‘street style’

Kimono is the traditional and national dress of Japan. It is worn in a wrapped style with a belt containing 4 parts- Obiage, Obi, Obijime,Obidome. It is normally made with polyester or any silk imitated fabric. Many beautiful floral designs in the kimono , makes it look more adorable and gorgeous. It’s a very pure and graceful fashion style.🎐

But the most interesting styles are very distinct from the traditional attire. So I wanted to write about this in my blog.


Kawaii is a Japanese artistic style that demonstrates the cute and pastel childlike looks using prints and colours. Kawaii can be a variation of various Japanese words like ” the ability to be loved”, etc. It’s a very simple and colourful street look to be worn. A Kawaii style is normally created by styling a t-shirt of different vibrant colours with any over-sized jackets or skirts. Wearing a Kawaii style is full of fun. And many girls all around Japan enjoys wearing this trend. It shows that they are still enjoying their childhood memories.

Even I like the Kawaii look the most among other styles. Kawaii makeup is also very different from those of Harajuku ,Gothic,etc………

Japan street style

This style is inspired by the late 90s street style. All mixed with patterns and bold colours and matching accessories give it a complete dashing look. The street theme mainly focuses on edgy and bold accessories so that the look itself can describe everything. We can see these type of street styles very often if we keep an eye on the streets of Japan.

So if you wanna try this trend then follow the basic japanese modern styles and bang the streets of your place.(。•̀ᴗ-)✧


So this is the most common style that I guess everyone have heard once in a lifetime. It’s HARAJUKU. It’s basically the well-mixed Japanese sub styles i.e, Sweet lolita, Gothic Lolita,Cosplay, Punk rock , etc. Harajuku is a trend which is full of fantasies and stories. And I know that you all might think that it is very similar to halloween makeover…but it’s quite different and interesting. Anyone can try on the Harajuku style in terms of creating a story and giving it a feel (θ‿θ).

How can anyone follow the Harajuku? Let me answer this for you all 😉

  • By putting layers of dresses
  • Adding colourful and vibrant decors to the outfit
  • Accessorizing with various statement jewelry pieces
  • Doing a heavy and dashing makeup
  • Mix different patterns with different colours
  • Go wild with the hairstyles
  • Dress whatever looks good

Some more suggestions might not be written here but I will put the links at the end of this blog, so that you guys can follow.

There are many and many sub-styles of Harajuku as previously mentioned….. But I will be deliberating you all the major ones🍁:

Starting from Lolita💗-


Lolita fashion is a very major sub of the Japanese culture. It is inspired by the Victorian clothing and styles from the Rococo period. Lolita mainly focuses on a certain character and it’s story. For me lolita style is so much of fun that it can be perfect for a colourful shoot. It can be categorised in the following parts: ‘Gothic’, ‘Sweet’, ‘Classic’.

If you haven’t watched any horror or fantasy or mystery based movies or series,then I think it might be a little bit hard to understand the concept of Gothic Lolita. Gothic is a word used to define something old, mysterious and barbaric or rude basically in literature. And an inspired style/look of it describes it more refinely. In other words Gothic Lolita is a mix of mysterious or eerie fashion styles from medieval times which is full of drama.

Next comes the classic lolita style ✨


Classic Lolita is a more mature look than the other looks. It is based on a vintage and elegant theme with the mixture of dark and light shades. It defines a clean and innocent look. I guess it’s very relatable to royal looks as the designs and embellishments are very neat and charming.

The last one🎐

It’s definitely the cutest and sweetest look among all. Sweet lolita is a style of lolita that contains many similar features of Lolita. It is a more child-like look that includes bows, ribbons, ruffles, belts,etc. And to be honest it’s the most popular lolita style in Japan. Some motifs of this style are-
Ribbons, cherries, children story books , fantasy elements, etc. The basic silhouettes can be bell skirts, dresses or ruffle sleeves. It is combined with various light ,vibrant pastel colours as per to create a innocent look .

So this is all for today💙…..And let me know in the comment section below👇👇 about the alterations to be done in the upcoming blogs and I hope that you guys will be supporting me like this till my time ahead.☄️

Links for the styles mentioned: